Collecting Eggs on the Farm: A Journey Through the Coop

Egg collecting on the farm is a daily ritual that is both peaceful and rewarding. At Andrus Farms, our chickens, ducks, and turkeys all live together in a coop, and we provide them with extra goodies from our garden. Our birds are happy, tame, and love to eat from our hands.

As we approach the coop, we are greeted by a chorus of soft clucks and gentle coos. The birds are always eager to see us and are never shy. They recognize our voices and come running, flapping their wings, and hopping up and down with excitement.

Once inside the coop, we begin the process of collecting eggs. Our chickens lay a variety of colored eggs, ranging from pale blue to deep brown, and every egg is unique in its own way.

As we collect the eggs, we take a moment to admire the beauty of each one and appreciate the hard work of the birds that produced them. Each egg is a testament to the health and happiness of the birds, and we are grateful for their contribution to the farm.

Once we have gathered all the eggs, we take them back to the main house to be cleaned, sorted, and stored. We sell some of the eggs to local families and restaurants, and the rest we use in our own kitchen. The eggs from our birds are always fresh, nutritious, and delicious, and we are proud to provide them to our community.

Collecting eggs on the farm is a simple and fulfilling task that brings us closer to the land and the animals we care for. It’s a reminder of the beauty and abundance that nature provides and the joy of living a life close to the earth.

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