Round Reed Basket Weaving



This workshop is designed for students who are eager to learn the fundamental techniques of basket construction and weaving using Round Reed. During the class, you will receive hands-on instruction, live demonstrations, and expert tips for successful basket weaving. You don’t need any prior experience in basket weaving; all you need is the desire to create a beautiful basket! We’ll discuss how to add color and embellishments to your basket, and by the end of the workshop, you’ll have completed a small to medium-sized basket that you can take home and enjoy.

To help you continue your basket weaving journey, you’ll also receive a “goodie-bag” filled with fun goodies, additional reed, and an instruction booklet that covers everything you need to know to keep weaving baskets at home.

Supplies provided by Instructor: Enough round reed for 2 small to medium baskets (one
you will finish in class), complete Instruction Booklet, resources, tips and tricks, live demonstration, personalized hands-on help and guidance, and a goody-bag of fun swag.

Length of class: 6 Hours

Level of Experience required: None

Date and time for this class at Farm 2 Fiber is TBD!


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