Who we are

About Us

Welcome to our family farm, located on the stunning Columbia River in beautiful Washington state! We’re Joshua and Michelle Andrus, a husband and wife team who fell in love with this land and the incredible lifestyle it offers.

Joshua is the green thumb of the operation, pouring his heart and soul into our thriving organic garden and aquaponic system. He’s all about caring for the land and building cozy animal enclosures that provide our furry friends with ultimate comfort and safety. When he’s not working on the farm, you can find Joshua out on a hike, reveling in the beauty of nature – and he’s always happy to share his passion with visitors!

As for Michelle, she’s the creative genius behind our farm’s fiber and heritage arts. With a true passion for spinning, basket weaving, and soap making, Michelle loves to share her knowledge with others through fun and informative demonstrations and workshops. Michelle is also committed to using natural, sustainable materials in her work, and she incorporates fibers from our animals and herbs grown right here on the farm into all of her creations.

Here at Andrus Farms, our furry and feathered family members always come first! We take pride in creating a clean and comfortable environment for them, with plenty of love and human interaction. After all, happy animals make for a successful farm!

Our passion for all things “Homegrown and Handmade” runs deep, and we’re committed to making a positive impact on our world. We believe in using sustainable farming practices to help preserve our planet for future generations. And we love to educate our community on the importance of supporting local farmers and artisans.

We’re so glad you took the time to learn more about us! We can’t wait to show you around the farm and share our love of farming with you. Come on down to Andrus Farms, and let’s create something beautiful together!